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Miley Cyrus Expresses Empowerment through Strength Training in a Music Video

From Olivia Newton-John getting “energetic” to OK Go transitioning between treadmills, there is a plethora of music videos showcasing exercise themes. However, Miley Cyrus incorporating strength training in the music video for her latest hit “Flowers” has added a deeper significance to the workout motif.

“Flowers” is an anthem celebrating self-love where Cyrus confidently proclaims, over upbeat disco rhythms, her ability to be her own fulfilling life companion. The refrain emphasizes on how “I can purchase my own flowers,” and “I can enjoy dancing on my own,” ultimately asserting, “I can cherish myself better than anyone else can.” Some perceive it as a response to her ex-partner Liam Hemsworth, reversing their wedding song—Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man”—line by line, but that’s another (internet conspiracy) tale.

In the music video, Cyrus elegantly dances towards a residence in a shimmering gold gown and eventually discards the attire to dive into a swimming pool clad in black lingerie. Subsequently, she engages in an energetic workout by the poolside. Despite the numerous shots of Miley showcasing her movements in lingerie, the routine appears to be more than just a display of her physique.

What stands out is the meticulousness of the segment. Cyrus initiates with a set of battle ropes performing undulating wave exercises, a full-body cardio-strength routine. She displays determination and even lets out a fierce cry while executing the motion. During resistance banded spiderman pushups and banded knee drives, she pushes herself to the limit, syncing her breath with the actions. In a bird dog position, she exhibits purpose and command. Throughout, she muses about inscribing her name in the sand and grasping her own hand, before concluding her workout with a lively and relatable dance.

These are not seductive maneuvers on a stationary bike like Ariana Grande. This is pure strength training and HIIT. What’s the deal with these routines in a music video?

Perhaps Cyrus integrated them to draw a parallel between fitness and self-compassion. She is flaunting her physique while also showcasing the determination she pours into achieving those results. As she grows physically stronger, she asserts her emotional strength and independence. It is a known fact that strength training enhances cognitive abilities. However, she might be suggesting that it also nurtures something within your soul and heart.

It is evident that for Miley, and possibly for you, gaining strength equals self-care.

Interested in trying your own “Flowers”-inspired workout? Here is a list of key exercises you can perform at home, brought to you by the interactive fitness mirror company Fiture.

1. Mountain climbers: Complete 3 sets of 16 repetitions.

2. Hip raises: Complete 3 sets of 16 repetitions. (For added difficulty, place dumbbells on your hips.)

3. Spiderman push-ups: Complete 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

4. Lunge with knee drive hop: Perform 4 sets of 10 repetitions in total (2 sets per side).

5. Plank bird dog: Do 3 sets of 12 repetitions (alternate sides), holding for 3 to 5 seconds each time.

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