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No comparison to an afternoon of browsing through channels.

Have you ever experienced one of my proudest television-adjacent moments? It was when I unearthed the “Favorites” function on my digital cable box. No longer was I obligated to hold down the channel up button or manually input the channel number. Simply press the Favorites option a couple of times, and there are my beloved cartoons. This feature was particularly beneficial in my household, as our remote was somewhat faulty; you had to press most of the buttons quite firmly for the box to register them. The Favorites function was the only one that responded perfectly. Odd, yet highly advantageous.

Credit: afra32/Pixabay

It dawned on me that mindlessly browsing through Netflix or Hulu and mindlessly adding shows you’ll never watch to your list is akin to channel surfing. If you were channel surfing, it essentially signified that there was nothing specific airing in that time slot that caught your interest, yet you still yearned to view something.

There is a certain sense of comfort in hearing a TV playing some arbitrary show in the background of my everyday activities. I’d enjoy taking my laptop to the living room and browse through forums while the TV broadcasted The Simpsons or something similar. My father always teased me about “multitasking,” but I reckon I’m just a contemporary individual. I appreciate my screens, and I prefer having them in abundance. On that note, there’s a Netflix series I’m eager to watch…

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