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Positive Outlook Can Assist in Healing

Image Credits: Shutterstock

When life pushes you down, lift yourself up with a grin.

It might seem somewhat simplistic to suggest that optimism can aid you during life’s challenges. Well, indeed, optimism alone won’t do the trick. However, optimism, coupled with good health practices and attention, can actually benefit you significantly.

As per research from the American Stroke Association, patients who survive a stroke but maintain higher positivity display decreased stroke severity, lesser physical disability, and reduced inflammation throughout the recovery process. It has been observed that patients produce fewer inflammatory proteins the more optimistic they are. Optimism has also been seen to have beneficial impacts on one’s longevity.

I realize this may sound a bit cheesy, but view it in this manner: when you opt for optimism after a daunting event such as a stroke, and tell yourself “I can improve, I can conquer this,” it’s quite empowering for your body. If you surrender and cease to invest effort into your body’s normal functions, things will deteriorate. Positivity won’t restore you to full health instantly, but I’d argue that any endeavor to enhance and speed up recovery is worthwhile, especially when all you need to do is smile.

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