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    Some Helpful Pointers for Healthier Bones

    Credit: Unsplash

    Ensure proper maintenance of your skeletal structure, alright? 

    Alright, don’t panic, but I need to share something with you: deep within your body, there exists a framework. A complete framework, almost as large as yourself! Just residing within you! And this framework cannot fend for itself, so you must tend to it! 

    In jest aside, bone strength is highly significant. Your bones absorb the strains you face daily and enable you to, well, be mobile and such. However, similar to other aspects of your physique, neglecting your bones will result in them becoming fragile and breakable as you age, which won’t be pleasant for anyone. So, prior to that occurrence, keep these guidelines in mind to bolster your bones. 

    Above all, calcium is crucial. Unfortunately, contrary to the proclamations of all the advertisement campaigns promoting milk, consuming a glass of milk daily doesn’t quite suffice. The recommended calcium intake for an adult aged between 19 and 50 is 1,000 milligrams. You can obtain this through dairy items, naturally, but also from sources like almonds, kale, specific fish varieties, and soy products such as tofu. Nonetheless, refrain from excessive calcium consumption, or you might develop kidney stones. Strike a healthy balance in consultation with your physician.

    In conjunction with calcium, vitamin D is essential. Vitamin D facilitates calcium absorption in your body; without vitamin D, calcium doesn’t work. You can acquire vitamin D from sources such as mushrooms and eggs, specially fortified foods, and most importantly, good old sunshine. Aim for around 600 IUs of vitamin D daily. 

    Lastly, engage in weight-bearing workouts. Similar to your muscles, your bones strengthen themselves to endure with appropriate stimuli. Even basic activities like running or stair-climbing greatly benefit bone health. 


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