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Specialists Recommend Maintaining Social Distance to Counter Coronavirus

Credit: Fox News

It’s not as dreadful as it may appear.

The primary measures against the coronavirus include the expected: covering your mouth, washing your hands, and engaging in self-isolation. If you wish to enhance these practices, you might want to contemplate maintaining some additional social distance. What does social distance entail? Essentially, it involves limiting social interactions to the greatest extent possible. Refrain from physical contact, minimize time spent outdoors, avoid large gatherings, and so forth. I understand, it may seem more challenging than falling ill, but truthfully? Sacrificing a bit of personal time is a small price to pay if it aids in preventing the spread of the disease. And it doesn’t have to be unbearable.

Primarily, just because you’re not physically present with your friends, that doesn’t mean you can’t communicate with them. Utilize chat applications like Skype or Discord to stay connected, or opt for a camera-enabled device like Google Home. Your level of solitude is as deep as you allow it to be.

Furthermore, even if you’re required to remain at home, there are numerous activities to engage in. Discover a series on Netflix to binge-watch or delve into a video game. Read a book, or better yet, pen one! Embrace creativity. And remember not to neglect your well-being (nor should you). There are many exercises you can perform within your living space, even without a home gym. Moreover, almost everything is being canceled these days, so even if you ventured out, there wouldn’t be much to do.

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Truth be told, I’m an introvert. This is my norm, so the idea of remaining at home doesn’t sound too dreadful to me. For many folks, it might seem rather dull and isolated, and I comprehend that. Yet, for the betterment of society’s collective well-being, it may not be an entirely negative notion. View it as an opportunity for self-discovery. Then, once this phase passes, you’ll have some entertaining anecdotes to share with peers over a meal.


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