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Staying Calm during Quarantine

Credit: Getty Images
Alone time doesn’t mean solitude.

If you’ve been isolating yourself due to the pandemic for a while now, you might be feeling a bit restless, especially if you live by yourself. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, humans are naturally social beings. Complete isolation goes against our intrinsic nature. Unfortunately, we have to stay indoors to be able to freely go outside again quickly. If you’re feeling anxious and isolated, take a moment to pause and look around you.

While you may not have the freedom to move around (apart from essential tasks like buying groceries), you are not confined. You can step outside, go for a walk in nature, or engage in some physical activity. The worst thing you can do is stare at the wall and dwell on how terrifying the situation is. Yes, it’s scary, but don’t let fear control you. Instead, channel that mental energy into something positive and constructive. Read, write, draw – even if you don’t consider yourself artistic, view this as an opportunity for self-discovery. If that sounds dull, have some fun! Play music and dance like nobody’s watching.

Credit: Financial Times

If you’re craving human interaction, be grateful for the technology we have today. Just the other day, I had a long video call with my family spread across different locations. After the initial “are you okay” and “stay safe,” we engaged in a lively conversation about current events and interesting things we had seen. While video calls may not replace in-person closeness, they are certainly a close second best.

Above everything else, remember that even though physical distance separates you from your loved ones, you are not abandoned. They are still there for you and will be waiting when this is all over. Just picture how wonderful that first hug will be when the time comes to reunite.

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