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    The Top Foldable Helmets for Efficient Commuting on Your Bike

    Urban inhabitants often find cycling to be the quickest (and most enjoyable and environmentally friendly!) way to travel. However, carrying a weighty, cumbersome helmet is impractical for most commuters. This leads many to ride without a helmet—a habit that more than half of all adults in the U.S. admit to, according to the National Safety Council. (Yet, head injuries make up the majority of all cycling injuries annually.)

    It’s a risk that simply isn’t worth taking, especially when it’s so easy to find collapsible bike helmets: Most models are lightweight and can be folded down to a compact, easy-to-carry size (one even deflates!)—all while significantly enhancing your safety as you ride.

    Key Features to Consider in a Foldable Bike Helmet

    While most collapsible helmets are lighter and more compact than conventional helmets, they do vary in terms of weight and size. Your intended use of the helmet—is it for your daily commute in your purse or for the occasional ride attached to your backpack?—will determine the importance of these factors to you.

    For those cycling to work—or any destination where you wish to arrive looking presentable—ventilation could be a significant consideration. Some designs offer better airflow to reduce the chance of sweaty hair. Others may not provide as much breathability as a standard helmet.

    Although appearance might seem less crucial, it’s essential to choose a helmet that you’ll actually wear—pick one that doesn’t make you feel self-conscious. Above all, ensure that any helmet you purchase has undergone safety testing: Look for those certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Finding a helmet that fits comfortably and securely is also vital, so look for options with varying sizes or a hassle-free return policy if it doesn’t suit you.

    4 Exceptional Foldable Bike Helmets to Consider

    FEND One Foldable Bike Helmet — $119.00

    Fend is highly favored by reviewers for good reason: its sleek design allows it to fold to half its original size, making it effortlessly portable in a backpack or bag. With an adjustable dial for a snug and comfortable fit, this helmet ensures safety without compromising on comfort. The folding and unfolding process is straightforward and intuitive, and the design enables ample ventilation, reducing sweat compared to other helmets. When worn, the helmet retains a classic look.

    Additionally, the helmet is equipped with reflective stickers for enhanced visibility.

    • Featherlight and compact when folded
    • Straightforward folding mechanism
    • Elegant design
    • Customizable and cozy fit
    • Available in multiple colors
    • Two size choices
    • Complies with US CPSC and European EN1078 safety standards
    • Doesn’t lock into place once folded
    • Padding may cause slight indentation on the forehead

    Airnoggin — $99.00

    Inflating the Airnoggin could be challenging for some individuals (inflation is done by mouth), although it promises a comfortable fit and boasts an excellent safety rating (the only foldable helmet rated by the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab with five stars). Its soft pad design claims to offer better protection against rotational impact than traditional hard helmets. While it may appear a bit eccentric when worn, it could become sweaty during lengthy, warm rides. Nonetheless, it’s certainly a conversation starter.

    • Weighs almost nothing and shrinks by 60%
    • Exceeds safety standards and received a 5-star rating from the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab, higher than many hard helmets
    • Soft and cozy design
    • May require time and effort to inflate without sufficient lung capacity
    • Takes a minute or two to deflate and fold
    • Might not fare well in a bag due to puncture risks
    • Looks quirky when worn
    • Lacks ventilation

    Closca Loop Aurora — $79.90

    The Closca Loop Aurora offers tremendous value for its affordable price, sporting a sleek design with a seamless folding mechanism—simply push the top or bottom to fold or unfold, reducing its height but maintaining its circumference. This featherweight helmet, available in vibrant colors inspired by the Aurora Borealis, is not only comfortable but also stylish.

    • Incredibly lightweight
    • Effortless to fold and unfold swiftly
    • Available in four lively colors
    • Provides some ventilation
    • Cozy fit
    • Two size options
    • Complies with CPSC and EN1078 standards
    • Folds flat (circumference remains the same), might not fit in smaller bags
    • May cause a forehead mark
    • The futuristic appearance may not be universally appealing
    • Some users reported clasp or strap problems over time

    Overade Plixi Fit — $131.00

    For a helmet that occupies minimal space in your bag, the Overade Plixi Fit is the perfect choice. It folds in multiple directions (though somewhat intricately) into a compact form one-third of its original size. While not visually striking, it is moderately comfy and guarantees safety.

    • Featherlight and incredibly compact when folded
    • Offers some ventilation
    • Ensures a comfortable fit
    • Meets CPSC and EN1078 safety standards
    • Marginally complex to fold and unfold
    • Doesn’t lock when folded
    • Classic helmet appearance

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