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Tips For Sunday Exercise Routine At Home

Hello lovely people,

How do you envision your Sunday? For some, it’s a day they prefer staying snug in bed rather than facing the early morning sun. For others, it’s a chance to catch up on the latest movies. Some enjoy cooking, reading, spending quality time with their kids, or rediscovering their homes buried under the chaos of the week. Today we’re discussing Weekend Fitness: How to Exercise on Sunday. Keep reading.

Are any of you considering going to the gym?

“Ah, my family needs me more than the gym”

“I just don’t feel like my legs can handle going to the gym”

“After a busy week, I don’t want to make it worse by going to the gym”

That seems to be the common response to this simple question.

Well, personally, I spent almost half of my last Sunday at the gym. Now, before you assume I’m boasting, let me clarify that lifting dumbbells for six hours isn’t a heroic feat. In truth, it was the most tranquil and invigorating Sunday I’ve ever had in recent memory. Here’s what I did:

  • Ensured a good night’s sleep on Saturday. (I understand staying up late on a Saturday, so I’m not suggesting early bedtime)
  • Engaged in a cardio-weight training-stretching session starting at 8:30 A.M. on Sunday, lasting till 10 A.M. Had soaked almonds beforehand.
  • Savored some more nuts post-workout. Although insufficient typically, I refrained from eating anything besides nuts and water before showering.
  • Next, the delightful steam bath. Sunday mornings are usually quiet at the steam room, making it the perfect time for a solitary session. A quick shower afterward concluded the session in about 35 minutes.

Trust me, I felt incredibly relaxed and could almost hear a chorus of “Thank you” from each of my body parts.

  • Followed by breakfast: 2 sandwiches with onion, tomato, and cucumber filling on brown bread. Later, a small bowl of raw cheese and strawberries.
  • Opted for a head spa at the gym’s salon. The close proximity of the gym to my place facilitated this swift visit. If it were farther, I’d have packed my breakfast. The massage was so soothing that I’m considering making it a weekly ritual.

Returned, had lunch, completed pending tasks, and headed out for the Sunday evening.

Now, I understand our lives differ. Your responsibilities may outweigh mine, but remember, time won’t simply appear. You must make time for yourself. The activities mentioned aren’t just pampering; they are essential for your well-being. If you aspire to maintain a healthy body well into your 40s and 50s, self-care is crucial. Not only for appearance, but for a strong body devoid of aches, weaknesses, or poor posture.

No matter how much your loved ones cherish you, if your body falters, they won’t be your lifelong caretakers. It may sound blunt, but humans operate this way; you wouldn’t want to care for someone ceaselessly either. I understand Sundays are demanding, but prioritize your well-being.

Rise up, take action, and remember: No matter what, strive to strengthen and improve your body. Depend on your own strength, carve out time for yourself from your schedule, and focus on your fitness goals.

Extend your arms and give me a high five, ladies!

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