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Create Your Own Exercise Equipment

Credit: Rom GD via YouTube
Tap into your inner MacGyver!

During my teenage years, I desired a pair of hand weights for bicep curls while studying or watching TV, but my budget was tight. Instead of taking a more conventional approach like finding a part-time job, I decided to unleash my creativity! I retrieved two large iced tea containers from the recycling bin, filled them with water, then used duct tape to secure the lids and fashion comfortable grips. And there you have it, makeshift hand weights. If you ever face a shortage of funds to purchase workout gear, worry not! There exist various household items and knick-knacks that can serve the purpose in a pinch.

If you have some flour or sand lying around and a few plastic pouches (let’s face it, almost every American household harbors a bundle of plastic bags somewhere), you can craft a makeshift kettlebell. Just pack a bag with the material, add a few extra layers for stability, tie it securely, then affix one or two additional bags to form handles. Swinging away!

Credit: Instructables

Have a jacket that’s been gathering dust? Attach it securely to a stable anchor point, pull on it until it can support your body weight. Presto, instant TRX bands! Just ensure the jacket is made of durable material to prevent any tearing mishaps.

Trapped indoors with the little ones? Well, children can be hefty! Have one of them sit on your back while you tackle push-ups, or carry them on your back during squats. This way, you get a good workout while bonding with your family.

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