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Exercise Equipment for the Fresh Year

Credit: Unsplash

Due to size limitations, Santa cannot deliver a Peloton. 

Statistically speaking, a common New Year’s resolution involves intentions such as “increase physical activity” or “shed some pounds”. It’s also true that most individuals fail to maintain their resolutions, but let’s maintain an optimistic outlook. As we embrace the new decade, it presents an opportunity for personal transformation. To commence this journey, acquiring new exercise gear is imperative. Below are some recommendations for kickstarting your year with the right fitness equipment. 

Black Mountain Resistance BandsIf you’re new to the fitness domain, consider commencing with modest equipment. Opt for something affordable, adaptable, and portable, like this set of bands which encompasses five different levels of resistance. 

Yes4All Vinyl KettlebellsAn acquaintance once asserted that quality kettlebells can enhance a variety of exercises, and I’m inclined to believe this statement. These kettlebells are coated with vinyl, making them gentle on both you and your floor. Additionally, the vinyl coating ensures durability over time. 

Triple Door Gym 3-in-1 Door TrainerWhen attaching a bar to your door frame isn’t sufficient, consider installing a comprehensive workout system! Apart from assisting with pull-ups, this robust frame supports exercises like dips, leg raises, rows, and more. 

Qwesen Jump RopeWhen it’s time to revisit the essentials, pick up a skipping rope. This jump rope, coated with PVC, boasts soft foam handles, a design resistant to tangling, and a steel wire core that ensures smooth and rapid rotations. 

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