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    Exercise Your Entire Body with a Lone Dumbbell

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    A Single weight plus some ingenuity equals workout.

    There’s an individual who possesses only one fitness tool: a solitary dumbbell. You might ponder “one dumbbell? What exercises can you perform aside from curls?” However, it is due to this fact that humanity has been bestowed with ingenuity because even with one dumbbell, that individual obtains a comprehensive body workout, and you can as well. All you require is the correct regimen. Oh, and don’t hesitate to use whatever dumbbell weight you feel comfortable with for this.

    Goblet Squat

    Grasp the dumbbell horizontally just beneath your chin. Descend into a squat so your elbows touch your knees, then rise back up. Maintain a tight core and keep your lower back straight!

    One-Arm Row

    You will need some kind of bench for this exercise. Position your left knee on the bench and your right foot on the ground. Grip the dumbbell in your right hand and steady yourself with your left. Elevate the dumbbell only using your arms; avoid rotating your shoulders or opening your body.

    Credit: Times of India

    One-Arm Power Clean

    Squat down and clutch the dumbbell between your legs. Utilize your thighs and hips to propel the dumbbell upwards until it reaches shoulder height. Pause momentarily at that position, then bring it back down. Remember to execute this with one hand at a time.

    Single-Arm Press

    Grasp the dumbbell at shoulder length, parallel to your ear. Employing your core and strength, hoist the dumbbell directly upwards until your arm is completely extended. Lower it carefully and repeat the movement. Complete this for both arms.


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