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Exercising in Limited Area

Image Credit: iStock
If you are capable of standing, you can engage in workout activities.

Just like how people who have experienced living in a small college dorm room can attest to, there are times when you must be innovative in your physical activity routines. In case you only have access to a single 6×6 space placed amid two beds, your options are evidently restricted. Nevertheless, if you possess some floor area, a wall, and a functioning set of legs, then you are not yet eliminated from the possible workout scenario.

Here is a simple illustration: try the T push-up, wall variation exercise. Stand at an arm’s distance from the wall, then position your hands onto it. Maneuver towards the wall, then propel yourself back without losing balance. While not as demanding as a usual push-up, you can compensate by increasing repetitions and taking short breaks between sets.

Should you have sufficient floor room, experiment with butt-kickers. Despite the amusing name, this routine is excellent for cardio. Proceed to jog in place, but instead of merely lifting your feet as usual, attempt to bring your heels as near to your buttocks as possible. Avoid actually kicking your buttocks to prevent potential overextension and discomfort. A few sets of thirty-second rapid runs will get those lower limbs actively moving.

Image Credit: iStock

Exercise gear can still be utilized within a confined area. In case you have a resistance band, you can execute chest presses. Secure one end of the band to a door or solid hook, then extend the other end with one hand. It is essential to engage your core muscles fully! Performing 15 pulls with each arm will suffice.

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