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Exploring the Treadmill Experience

Photo Credit: Sarah Kobos
“I’d stroll a distance of five hundred, I’d travel another five hundred…”

Ah, the familiar treadmill. The initial fitness equipment I encountered was, in fact, a treadmill. Well, technically it belonged to my father, but during my childhood, I frequently utilized it. It served its purpose well, particularly in the winter when outdoor activities were limited due to safety concerns. Simply switch on the treadmill, tune in to the TV, and commence walking. Even now, the treadmill remains an essential component of any respectable gym, whether it’s at home or elsewhere. However, some individuals find it challenging to maximize their treadmill workouts. How long should one walk? At what pace? Let’s delve into it.

Firstly, consider the duration. Your capability to walk on the treadmill is contingent upon your personal endurance. If you find yourself catching your breath after a mere stroll in a shopping mall, it may be advisable not to exert yourself excessively on the treadmill (unless your aim is to enhance your endurance intentionally). For individuals aiming to shed some pounds, a timeframe of 15 to 30 minutes usually suffices. This explains the perk of having a TV program on while using the treadmill; you can achieve a decent walking session by aligning it with half the duration of a regular show (inclusive of advertisements). The crucial aspect is to select a duration that induces a pleasant burn and can be comfortably accommodated within your daily routine.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Regarding the intensity, it is advisable to commence with a brisk walk. Abruptly transitioning to sprinting may lead to premature exhaustion. Initiate your session with a consistent power walk, and if required, incrementally progress to a light run. The nature of your workout will differ depending on whether you maintain a consistent intensity or gradually elevate it. While the latter elevates your heart rate, the former aids in adjusting to the exertion. Essentially, on a scale of one to ten, with one representing stillness and ten corresponding to sprinting, strive to attain a pace within the five-to-seven range.

Lastly, it is essential to emphasize the significance of acquiring proper running footwear. Even though you’re indoors, utilizing socks is inadequate. Operating without suitable shoes increases the risk of foot injuries, which could impede your treadmill activities.

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