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Find Out the Reason Behind this Firm’s 6 Million Dollar Investment

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The Startup Labelled as the ‘European Equivalent of Netflix for Podcasts’ Secures 6 Million Euros

A startup named Podimo, based in Copenhagen, aims to establish a prominent streaming service for Podcasts and has successfully secured €6 million in seed funding even before its launch! It’s quite staggering! Podimo’s primary objective is to enhance the popularity of podcasts and create a unified platform for accessing them all in one place.

The brains behind this venture is Morten Strunge, who gained recognition in the subscription service domain for his creation of an audiobook service called Mofibo, which was eventually bought by Storytel. Initially, the plan for the platform was to provide both free and paid subscription services. Podimo is also striving to develop a more user-friendly platform compared to its predecessors.

In a world dominated by video content, Strunge firmly believes that audio content is the superior format. He also highlights the cost-effectiveness of producing audio media compared to video. Podimo’s main focus is on crafting a podcast streaming application that delivers top-notch features for recommending and exploring new podcasts based on users’ interests.

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