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Integrating Aerobics and Resistance Training

Credit: Unsplash

Conserving Time, Constructing Muscles. 

Ensuring both resistance training and appropriate cardio are crucial components of a healthy routine. However, circumstances can become complex, and you may lack sufficient time in a day to engage in both activities. What should you do? Enhance your strength, but skip training your lower body? Engage in aerobic exercise, but strive to remain lean? Well, why not achieve the benefits of both simultaneously? There are methods to incorporate both resistance training and effective cardio within a single workout session. Here are some suggestions for you. 

To start, consider using lighter weights and increasing the number of repetitions at a faster pace. If you typically perform 50 reps with a certain weight, try doubling the reps to 100 with a lower weight. The additional repetitions will compensate for the reduced weight, and you will also elevate your heart rate during the workout. Nevertheless, it is crucial to maintain proper form while increasing the pace to avoid potential injuries. 

Another approach could involve integrating high-intensity activities between sets of resistance training. For instance, after completing a set with dumbbells, swiftly transition into 30 seconds of squat jumps, burpees, or skipping rope. Choose any method that can elevate your heart rate rapidly. However, if you find yourself significantly short of breath post-resistance training, it is acceptable to take a brief pause before commencing the cardio component. 

Alternatively, if you prefer a more structured approach, you can incorporate short bursts of sprinting at the conclusion of each resistance set. Increase the intensity on the treadmill for 10 minutes, alternating between sprints and jogs in 30-second intervals to prevent excessive exhaustion. Give your maximum effort during the sprints to ensure an effective cardio workout. 

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