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Jillian Michaels Offers Exercise Pointers For Sculpted Arms


Prepare for the beach ahead of summer.

Formerly a presence on weight-loss television programs, Jillian Michaels is dedicated to aiding your fitness aspirations. In a recent discussion with INSIDER, the renowned fitness coach shared valuable recommendations for achieving toned arms as summer approaches.

Michaels advocates for incorporating functional exercises into your routine. These are workouts designed to bolster the body for everyday activities, rather than isolating specific muscle groups excessively throughout the week in order to allow ample recovery time.

She emphasized, “Progress is achieved during recovery.” Michaels also offered a selection of exercises aimed at enhancing your back and shoulders, which are instrumental in attaining the well-defined arms you desire.

Tricep Dips:
These dips are versatile and can be performed almost anywhere. With a simple chair, you can execute several tricep dip repetitions.

A timeless workout, push-ups work your triceps, chest, back, and shoulders concurrently. If standard push-ups are challenging, modifications like kneeling or using an incline can provide support.

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