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Quick Music Can Boost Your Workout

Photo: Getty Images

There’s nothing quite like lively tunes to energize your body.

Let’s have some real talk here: have you ever played “Eye of the Tiger” while exercising? No need to hold back, I’ve done it myself. It’s inspiring, isn’t it? Working out with a dynamic playlist feels way more motivating than exercising in complete quiet. This is widely acknowledged, and interestingly, there’s actual scientific backing for it.

A study released in Frontiers in Psychology delved into the intriguing relationship between high-tempo music and improved physical activity. Although they couldn’t pinpoint a definitive explanation, they did observe a positive correlation.

19 participants were tasked with performing different exercises while listening to popular songs at varying speeds. The results showed that when listening to music with the fastest tempo, the participants had the highest heart rate, yet they experienced considerably lower levels of fatigue. In simpler terms, the workout felt less strenuous but actually produced greater benefits.

So, if you’re not in the habit of playing music during your workout, you might want to think about starting. It doesn’t have to be “Eye of the Tiger” if it’s not your style. Personally, I find that video game soundtracks work pretty well.


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