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Seeking a Healthier Heart? Commute by Bicycle

Credit: Karl Nielsen

Energize your heart by cycling. 

It might appear quite obvious, but using a bicycle as your main mode of transportation can have numerous benefits for your health. You develop stronger legs, burn excess calories, enhance your stamina, and so much more. However, here’s a less known fact: biking to work can significantly decrease your chances of suffering from heart attacks. 

According to a research study conducted in collaboration with Olympic medalists Alistair and Jonny Brownlee, engaging in active commuting methods such as cycling or walking can fortify your heart against heart attacks. Analyzing medical information from 2011 revealed that regions with a higher number of bike commuters had lower instances of heart attacks. This isn’t shocking; lack of regular exercise is a major contributing factor to heart attack risks. If you consistently engage in physical activity during your work commute, it naturally reduces your susceptibility to heart attacks.  

Of course, it’s important to note that correlation doesn’t equate to causation. However, there are some significant statistics to ponder here. Out of the 43 million individuals aged between 25 and 74 who were part of this study, roughly 11% chose active forms of commuting for their daily travel. Both male and female active commuters experienced a 1.7% decline in heart attack cases over the subsequent year. While it may not sound like a major reduction, a 1% decrease in the risk of heart attacks is indeed a valuable improvement. 

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