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She Refuses

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Teaser for “She Refuses” Unleashed

One of the top tracks by the talented artist and lyricist Ki-Juan has got to be She Refuses. This track is now accessible on all global music platforms, and the teaser video has recently been revealed, leaving us captivated!

To keep up with Ki-Juan and stay updated on his activities, visit his Instagram page RIGHT HERE. For the latest news, follow him on Twitter HERE. To listen to his tracks on SoundCloud, simply head over HERE.

Video Acknowledgments

Direction by: Jarred Noah, Gabriel Galinsky
Production: Gabriel Galinsky, Ki-Juan Minors, Melissa Evans
Cinematography/Editing: Jarred Noah

Music Attribution

Featuring: Ki-Juan, Erykah Officer
Produced by: Frostyee
Authored by: Ki-Juan, Gabi Galinsky, Frostyee, Erykah Officer
Mixing by: Edwin Estacio, Fernando Vivanco
Recorded at Forever Current Studios

Art Direction by: Jarred Noah, Sabrina Werneck

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