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Strengthen Those Glutes in Just Five Minutes

Credit: Shape Magazine
Because not everyone can spare time for a gym session.

Have I ever expressed my appreciation for how our bodies enable us to engage in autonomous physical activity? If we had to rely on equipment for everything, I doubt I’d exercise regularly. It’s particularly straightforward to target your lower body. Bend those legs, arch that back, and you’ll develop robust thighs sooner than you think. If you lack the time to focus on your thighs and glutes all day, here’s a brief five-minute workout you can perform daily to enhance muscle definition.

  1. Bridges: Position yourself on your back with bent knees and lift that upper body! Gradually curve your lower, middle, and upper back, sequentially. Inhale deeply and contract your glutes while elevated, then descend slowly. Aim for ten repetitions.
  2. Squats: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees, and push your glutes back as if preparing to sit. A fundamental exercise for your legs! Complete ten repetitions of this movement too.
  3. Squat into Side Leg Lift: Begin with a squat, but upon rising, extend one leg outward as high as possible (but not exceeding hip level). Perform ten repetitions for each leg.
  4. Single Leg Deadlift: Balancing on your right foot, extend your left leg backward, and lean forward as your left leg ascends. Your body should form a T-shape. Perform ten repetitions for each leg.
  5. Back Lunge and Lift: Keep your feet hip-width apart, step your left foot backward, and descend into a lunge. As you rise, exert pressure on your right heel to target your hamstring and glute. Perform ten repetitions for each leg, and you’re finished!

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