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Swinging, the Latest Fitness Craze

Credit: Unsplash

Your childhood memories of playing on the monkey bars are about to bear fruit. 

It’s common knowledge that there exist numerous workouts that can leverage your body’s intrinsic weight, suppleness, and motion. Thanks to a fitness uprising dubbed as “Motion,” individuals have come to realize that specific motions and activities can serve as effective workouts when performed consistently. Given that most grown-ups tip the scales at around a hundred pounds at the very minimum, if you can figure out a way to make use of that weight, you’ll engage in more physical activity compared to what a set of dumbbells could offer. As per Healthline, one of the recent fitness trends revolves around mastering a skill that most of us have likely exhibited at some point in our lives: hanging. 

A fitness center in Boulder, Colorado has been incorporating multiple strategies derived from the Motion movement, and one of the recent ones is hanging. It’s exactly as it sounds: locate a bar, a supporting beam, a play structure, or any similar object, and start hanging around. It’s not just about doing pull-ups; it involves swinging, lifting, and generally redistributing your body’s mass. It surprisingly exerts a significant impact, although the instructors at the Boulder center caution that it may not be suitable for everyone. If your upper body strength isn’t up to par, simply hanging idly won’t be beneficial. They suggest seeking advice from a fitness expert prior to committing to any specific exercise routine. Nevertheless, if you have the necessary strength, then go ahead and start swinging. Embrace your inner primate.  

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