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The Unwritten Regulations Of Group Fitness Classes


Similar to the regulations of the gym, there are also dos and don’ts of group fitness classes.

If you aim to enhance your fitness level but feel intimidated by working out at the gym, participating in group fitness classes can be a great alternative. Nevertheless, just like there are rules of the gym, there are also dos and don’ts of group fitness classes.

If you intend to join a group fitness class, avoid spending the entire session on your phone or engaged in conversations. This should be an obvious behavior to avoid, but you might be surprised. According to Alex Silver-Fagan, a group fitness instructor from New York City, “Talking—or worse, texting—during the class disrespects both the teacher and the other students.” Using your phone or texting can disrupt the class’s rhythm and negatively impact other participants.

Another behavior to avoid in group fitness classes is creating your own routines. Unless you have consulted with your instructor about modifications or variations, refrain from introducing your own exercises. Silver-Fagan explains, “Instructors develop their classes with specific intent, so please stick to the program.” If everyone starts incorporating their own routines, it ceases to be a group fitness class.

Leave your ego outside the classroom. Group fitness classes are designed for weight loss and enjoyment, so there’s no need to showcase as the toughest person in the room. If the instructor recommends using medium weights, don’t opt for the heaviest available.

Remember that your instructor is more familiar with their class than you are. They have carefully crafted the program for maximum benefits, so when they provide guidance, it’s wise to heed their advice.

Choosing weights that are too heavy or too light will detract from both the class experience and the results you should be achieving. This is particularly crucial during your initial session. Once you become familiar with the routine and how your body reacts, you can begin to adjust accordingly.

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