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Tips for Enjoying Physical Activity

Credit: Unsplash

Life feels more enjoyable with a touch of excitement. 

Allow me to express a somewhat controversial view: I do not appreciate exercising. If given the choice, I would rather not engage in it at all. It tends to be monotonous, tiring, and generally unappealing. So, how does one, such as myself, manage to maintain physical fitness? The answer lies in making it enjoyable. Label me as juvenile, but the moment something becomes fun or game-like, my interest in it increases significantly. If you can relate to my perspective, here are some suggestions to add a bit more amusement to the process. 

Compete: A companion of mine once shared that his interest in boxing arose from the satisfaction of knowing that he could triumph over others while looking impressive. Martial arts indeed boost confidence, but in reality, any form of competition serves as a superb incentive, assuming you do not take defeat poorly (or rub victory in others’ faces excessively). After all, conflict stimulates progress. If you have a workout partner, engage in push-up challenges, arm wrestling, or join a group for a sports activity. 

Dance: “Here’s a dance you should try, allow me to present to you: posing!” Dancing is physically demanding, emotionally liberating, and immensely enjoyable when accompanied by your favorite tunes. You do not require any specific technique or training; simply let your body move in sync with the music and keep dancing until you can dance no more. As another enjoyable idea, attempt superhero poses. Have you ever witnessed those intricate team poses performed on Power Rangers? Mastering them is quite challenging, let me assure you. 

Video Games: I acknowledge that video games may seem contradictory to exercise, but there are ingenious methods to combine the two. One of my friends, while playing a lengthy game, refrained from using the fast-travel feature and performed physical exercises like jumping jacks and push-ups while the in-game character traveled manually. Alternatively, for a more hands-on experience, there are games that require you to be on your feet, such as Ring Fit Adventure on the Nintendo Switch. 

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